National Initiative

Nationally, donations are made during the year through in-kind and financial contributions to churches, non- profits, families and individuals in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area.

Some of the initiatives include: Sponsorship of faith based and non-profit events, food donations, annual Pastoral Prayer breakfasts, and annual bicycle, helmet and bible give-a- ways for children in need during the Christmas holiday season. Endowments are also made to colleges and universities.

“Our Voice Can Make A Difference”

International Initiative

Internationally, 16, 000+ orphaned children of HIV/Aids infected parents are treated annually for common ailments and treatable diseases at the John and Marie Parrish Medical Clinic in Ft. Portal, Uganda.

The clinic, named after the father and mother of Roland Parrish, is largely funded in part by the PARRISH CHARITABLE FOUNDATION.



Our efforts big and small benefits
the lives of those who need it most.