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Portrait of Mr. Roland Parrish

Our Founder

Roland Parrish

Roland Parrish was born in Hammond, Indiana, attended Purdue University on academic and athletic scholarships, and has gone on to become a very successful entrepreneur and philanthropist. He is the CEO and owner of Parrish Restaurants, LTD, owning 21 McDonald’s in the Dallas/Ft. Worth, Texas area. He is also the 2nd largest African American owned McDonald’s Franchisee in the country.

Parrish is frequently featured in Black Enterprise Magazine and stays on their list of top 100 black-owned businesses in the country (currently number 52). He has won numerous awards and has been recognized for countless honors but the accolades are not just because of his entrepreneurship. Many are because of his philanthropic efforts in his community, around the country and around the globe!

Parrish is passionate about helping children and to instill in them the importance of higher education. His goal is for young people to capitalize on all opportunities presented to them, and where the opportunities are few, he wants to create more for them.